Public Art for the Aerodynamic Park of the Science City Berlin-Adlershof

Abbildung Karlheinz Essl

In the past, the site of today’s aerodynamic park in Berlin-Adlershof was, besides it formal and functional form, a place filled with technical sounds. Whilst various periods of restructuring have changed the quality and quantity of the sounds, they have not been able to touch the qualities of the space on a visual and spatial level.

This is what gave rise to the idea for the AIR BORNE sound installation – an installation which loosely connects the silenced historical buildings with a new, artistic noise, reminding us of the characteristic which once defined this place.

Each sound piece in the 15 themes which make up the composition is based on three authentic audio files researched and selected for the project by Stefan Krüskemper from the collection held at the German radio archive in Babelsberg. Sound pieces of all possible lengths are created by programmed variations and adaptations in conjunction with the generative software developed by the Viennese composer Karlheinz Essl. The software, which was developed specially for the AIR BORNE project in the aerodynamic park, is both creator of and medium for the composition.

The environment’s sound pieces refer, on the one hand, to the contents of the engraved texts and, on the other, to the spatial positions of the ellipsoid sound bodies. Individual ellipsoids form groups for which special sound constellations have been composed and which can be combined with each other to continually create new complexes.

Foto Stefan Krüskemper




A project by
Stefan Krüskemper, office of integrative art

With the collaboration of
Karlheinz Essl and Trillian GmbH

Land Berlin, Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung

Aerodynamischer Park
Hunboldt-Universty, Campus Adlershof
Newtonstrasse 1418
D-12489 Berlin

The sound installation is open to the public day and night



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